Network membership is open to faith-based and secular civil society organizations, as well as academics and experts from Europe working with refugees and migrants who promote interreligious or intercultural dialogue, tolerance, and respect the diversity of cultures and freedoms of religious belief.

There are several types of membership within the Network for Dialogue (in process).

network for dialogue

Join The Network

The Network for Dialogue is an inspiring platform for its members and can be beneficial for those working on the social inclusion of refugees and migrants in Europe in many ways.

Motivation through community

Get to know people tackling similar challenges in different European countries and learn from one another.

Access to information

Receive current research and policy information; participate in Network organised trainings, workshops and other joint learning opportunities.


Engage with policymakers to use dialogue as a means to interact with refugees and migrants.

Reciprocal sharing

Exchange tools, approaches, knowledge and best practices with other members.

Take action

Cooperate with other Network members to multiply reach and impact; increased opportunities to be part of regional and European events.

Contribute to policymaking

Work with Network members to create recommendations and contribute to the European Policy Dialogue Forum.